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Our empathy lies with people who have been involuntarily uprooted from the place of their forefathers as a result of the whirlwind of two World Wars. Many now find themselves to be ethnic minorities and involuntary nationals of the country to which their forefathers were deported. Such people are seldom able to play a significant role in the mainstream of public life. Often, they are underprivileged; few lead a happy life.

 We too, have been uprooted, but a turn in our fortune gave us a chance to develop a happy and rewarding life in the UK, our adopted country. In return, we would like to do something meaningful for the less fortunate; something that will help, encourage and enable them to strive for a better future. 

 Our Mission

Mindful of the tragedy of the two World Wars, ORT extends a helping hand to people uprooted from their homeland, particularly those less fortunate who have been left behind and now face hardship in their new homeland.  

 Our Focus

Education of the young 
Alleviation of poverty
Social cohesion


England and Wales
Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan


 With this in mind, ORT is funding the ROOTS PRIZE and ROOTS AID given directly to beneficiaries or through organizations already established in the region.

s awarded to individuals, or groups for commendable performance in education, art, sport and related activities at schools and youth organizations
aims to alleviate poverty and to promote social cohesion.



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