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20/02/2016. Schools in Monte Cassino area, Italy - preliminary invitation to submit requests for ORT sponsorship has been placed on Twitter and with the Monte Cassino Group

As a Trustee of OUR ROOTS TRUST (ORT) I am inviting SCHOOLS from the (MONTE) CASSINO area to submit requests for SPONSORSHIP of study/work/projects they may be undertaking. In particular ORT encourages the study of the ENGLISH language at schools and of the history (1850-1950) of the region and its people. Please visit www.ourrootstrust.org  email: rootstrust@yahoo.co.uk  or on Facebook. Jerry Kubica

08/02/2016. Postavy, Belarus - all the schools in Postavy have been invited to take part in the ORT 2016 English Language Competition






 Good morning,


I would like to invite the pupils of all schools in the Postavy District to take part in the English Language or Art Competition for the Roots Prize by submitting their original essay or story of up to 1000 words (two A4 sheets) on the subject of:


  • a Winter Tale - a story about winter from real life experience, fable or fairy-tale, or
  • a Forgotten or Abandoned Village - perhaps one in which their parents/grandparents lived in the past, or
  • Art a painting or sketch of a winter scene in Postavy


All pupils wishing to take part in this competition should submit their material by email by the end of March 2016. I will visit Postavy in April/May 2016 to give prizes to the winners. I have in mind 3-5 main prizes and consolation prizes for all other participants in the Competition.


The submitted material will be assessed by the three Trustees of Roots Trust in England, and the teachers of English at the participating schools will also be asked to give their assessment if they so wish.


Please let me know whether any pupils at your school will be participating. All entries should be submitted by email to jerry.kubica@gmail.com


Thank you all


Jerry Kubica


8 February 2016


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