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Schoolchildren from all five schools in Postavy responded with great enthusiasm to the invitation to participate in the Englidh language and/or art Compeition-2016. There were 27 submissions of Art and 25 stories.

The standard of English of quite a few of the stories merited congratulations and surely reflects the quality of teaching. All children have, quite evidently, put in a lot of effort  into their work even if the level of English fell short of the better stories.

Some of the artwork was suprisingly good and merits our congratulations. Inevitably, judging the artwork and the stories too is to a large extent subjective, so I would like to encourage all our participants not to be dishartened and express here my appreciatioin of their contributin to this competition

English language submissions 

1 - Gitch_Maryia.pdf
1 - Irina Pavlova.pdf

2-_ Horevitz_Olga.pdf
2 -_Semenas_Ekaterina.pdf

The remaining fifteen submissions are in Group 3 - not listed here individually..

Postavy Comp. 2016   Artwork


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