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Gimnazium Project Postawy / Belarus


ORT initiated and funded the project

Igor Prokopowich, head teacher at the Gimnazium, was the Project leader and organizer.

On 21-22 April 2012, 15 students in the age  group 11-14 at the Gimnazium in Postawy followed the line of German WW-I defences starting in Postawy, then Lake Czerniaty-Woroniec-Szabany-Paraski-Lake Czetwierc-Jacewice-Lake Wielkie Spory-Lake Sporki--Woronowszczyzna-Zagacie and back to Postawy. They went by bus to Czerniaty, and from there on foot; in all, they walked about 30 kilometres and spent one night in village accommodation along the way. They have found and marked on a map 39 German bunkers, 2 German war cemeteries, discovered some archaeological remains of early village life, until now unknown to historians, collected some materials of historical and geographical interest and took some 300 photographs.


On completion of the Project, three students had written their reports on various aspects of WW-1 incorporating the results of the Project, and presented their work on a public forum in Postawy.


On 30th May, two students presented the results of the Project to the entire school, and later in the day, at an evening session organized by Igor Prokopovich at which local authorities were present.




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